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Over $200 Million Recovered in Securities Fraud Cases

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Over $200 Million
Recovered in
Securities Fraud Cases
Investment & Securities Lawyer
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Representing Victims of Financial Frauds

The financial industry is built on relationships and trust. Stockbrokers spend years cultivating relationships with their clients in order to conduct securities business. Investors should be able to rely on their brokers to act in their best interests. Too often, brokers abuse that trust in order to line their own pockets. This can happen when a broker recommends an unsuitable security or misleads their client regarding a security’s risks.

At Kurta Law, we work tirelessly to recover money for our clients who have been victimized by a financial professional’s misconduct. We know our clients have worked hard to save for retirement and support their families. Unfortunately, a dishonest broker can destroy financial security by recommending a high-risk investment, overcharging for commissions, or by engaging in outright fraud.

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You May Be a Financial Fraud Victim If…

  • You found out your investment is not as safe or as liquid as you thought. Brokers might misrepresent an investment as safe and guarantee big returns. They could also omit important facts.
  • Your broker recommended an investment that was “sold away” from the firm, meaning that the transaction took place outside of the supervision of their member firm.
  • Your broker asks to open a joint account with you or wants to be your beneficiary. Manipulation and elder financial abuse often go unchecked in cases where the investor considers their broker a friend and a confidant.

Can I Sue My Stock Broker?

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) provides an arbitration platform for investors to resolve their disputes with brokers.

Many brokerage firms require investors to resolve their disputes through FINRA, rather than in civil court. Brokerage firms come prepared for FINRA arbitration with their own legal team.

You can level the playing field with experienced legal representation of your own. Our securities lawyers know every step of the FINRA arbitration process and can predict how your broker will defend their case. Founding Partner Jonathan Kurta spent the first decade of his career defending brokerage firms and now exclusively represents investors. The securities attorneys at Kurta Law Firm will fight tirelessly to recover money that has fallen into the wrong hands.

Not sure if you need a securities lawyer? It costs nothing to find out. A qualified securities attorney can help you recover your hard-earned money.
$16.75 Million
Recovery for ARC NYC REIT Investors
Kurta Law recovered millions of dollars for investors who purchased the speculative and unsuitable ARC NYC REIT. The arbitration settled for substantially more than the investor losses.
$4.2 Million
Investor vs. Royal Alliance
Jonathan Kurta represented an investor who alleged that Royal Alliance Associates had not fulfilled their supervisory duties. This allegedly allowed brokers to engage in conversion and RICO violations. Read a copy of the award here.
$1 Million
Utah Firm Executed Unnecessary Transaction
A FINRA panel sided with Kurta Law and found that a Utah brokerage firm executed unnecessary transactions in order to generate more commissions. Read a copy of the award here.
$2 Million
Arizona Investors Options Trading Scam
Kurta Law negotiated a $2 million settlement on behalf of Arizona investors who were defrauded in an options trading scam.

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Over $200 Million Recovered in Investment Fraud Cases

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How Our Securities Law Firm Can Help You & Your Family

Our securities law firm has experience with a wide range of securities fraud cases. From mutual fund fraud to penny stock schemes, we’re here to make every step of the FINRA arbitration process work for you. We’re also experts on the finer points of complex financial products such as equity-linked notes, variable annuities, and 1035 exchanges.

Here are some of the financial products we see most often in FINRA arbitration.

Alternative Investments
Brokered CDs
Business Development Companies (BDCs)
Closed-End Funds
Conservation Easements
Direct Participation Program
Energy Investments
Equity-Linked Notes
Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs)


The professionals at Kurta Law were efficient, communicative, and most importantly, successful in their representation. I recommend them without reservation.
Frank Santarpia

Jonathan Kurta, ESQ. Represented me in a lawsuit against my financial advisor, who took advantage of me and put me into high-risk investments without informing me about the risk so that he could generate significant commissions. As a result, I lost a significant part of my savings for retirement and medical expenses, as my wife is suffering from Parkinsonism. I never thought that it could happen to me as I feel that I am educated and usually investigate thoroughly.

Jonathan was very professional in reviewing my case and continued to refuse several settlements after many discussions and further research. His ability to continue to review the case and find other items to benefit our lawsuit was from knowledge and persistence. He was able to negotiate a fair settlement through much hard work. The settlement enabled me to pay my many medical bills and take better care of my family. And helped me to alleviate my stress and anxiety.

Jonathan is a highly educated and motivated attorney who knows his way around financial fraud.

I hope I never need his services again, but if you are reading this and are in a similar situation, please consider using Jonathan, as you won’t be sorry.

Thanks for your help and support
Forever in your debit

Steve Freed
Jonathan Kurta and the Kurta Law team were immensely helpful to us in recovering a significant amount of money seemingly lost forever due to an unscrupulous financial advisor. From day one, Jonathan was very straightforward and patient as well as determined to achieve a satisfying result.
Importantly, he remained optimistic, yet realistic throughout the year-long process. In spite of the fact that we live in Europe now and have never actually met Jonathan in person, he made certain that we were kept up-to-date and fully informed at each step of the way. In the end, the result was far beyond what we had hoped to recover and we owe the success of the procedure to the diligence and professionalism of the Kurta team. Justice was indeed served.
Stephen McRae
Jonathan Kurta is a total professional dealing with his clients. Whether it is a serious matter regarding the case or just answering an e-mail quickly he has my concerns at the forefront. He can reassure you if you have doubts about the outcome of the case. I will highly recommend him to anyone.
John Cameron

We are happy to provide a 5-star review for Kurta Law.
Although the object of our case was complicated, and quite
upsetting for us as it impacted a large portion of our stock holding. Jonathan Kurta was the perfect person for the job.
He guided us through the process and was successful in getting a great settlement for a situation where we had no hope. 

Jonathan was always responsive in a timely fashion.
His work made an otherwise horrible legal issue come to a good outcome for us. We are thankful for Jonathan’s expertise, efforts, personality, and work ethic.

Bonnie Nikituk

From my initial consultation, I felt Jonathan’s firm was the right choice for me. Very professional he was always easy to reach for any questions or concerns I had throughout the process. I am extremely pleased with the results he and his team were able to obtain on my behalf. Excellent law firm!

Janice Homicki

I recommend this firm without reservation. We hired Jonathan Kurta and his firm after our Financial Advisor recommended fraudulent investments. Mr. Kurta worked tirelessly on our case to ensure that we were fairly compensated for our losses. Jonathan was skilled, knowledgeable and obviously experienced in handling securities fraud cases.


Mr. Kurta handled our case quickly and professionally. He was easily reached by phone, email, or text. His knowledge about the laws and his experience handling cases was invaluable to us. We were very satisfied with the outcome of our case. Can not recommend Mr. Kurta and his firm enough!! Excellent to deal with in every aspect!!

Paula Bullock

When we were searching for someone to represent us after having our trust broken with our financial planner, it was hard. We were doubting our discernment on who we could trust. After going through the process with Jonathan and Robert, we could not be more pleased with the outcome of our mediation. They fought hard for us and were able to get us 3 times what the majority of settlements are for these cases because they felt our case was strong and were willing to go the extra mile. We highly recommend Kurta Law for anyone looking to get the best settlement.

Patricia Egbert

Kurta Law firm was extremely helpful to me in recovering some money from the bad investments my financial advisor had put me in. John Kurta and Bob Van De Veire were both very professional, knowledgeable, and communicated effectively throughout the whole process. I appreciated them taking the time to answer any questions I had and to prepare me for what to expect during each stage of the lawsuit. I was impressed with the job they did representing me and I was happy with the outcome. I would highly recommend them to anyone!

Jim Hoffmann

Jonathan is the absolute epitome of professionalism, fairness, and competence. Not only was he knowledgeable about my case, he was extremely patient and responsive to my many questions. He worked very very hard on putting this case together, successfully I may add. In conclusion, I thoroughly recommend using Jonathan if you feel that you’ve been wronged in the securities industry.

Donald Smith

I had mentally written off some sour investments that were recommended to me. Until, I received a letter from Jonathan’s Law firm, indicating they could go to bat and perhaps they could recover some of the funds. They did a great job, very professional, and did recover some of the funds. Best thing: the communication was always great, I felt like I was his only client.

Peter DiMaria

Recently, Robert Van De Veire of Kurta Law represented me in a lawsuit. I was extremely impressed with the professional service that I received. They kept me informed, returned my phone calls in a timely matter, and got me great results. The service I received was outstanding. If need be I would definitely use the representation of Kurta Law again.

William McPeak

Kurta Law was extremely helpful and professional. They enabled us to recover some compensation for a broker’s incompetent advice about an investment–money that we would never have gotten otherwise. Throughout the process, they were reliable and efficient. They also accommodated our needs and were able to work with us through some rough spots. I didn’t know them at all when I signed the retainer, but I’m really pleased with the way things turned out. I’d go back to them if the occasion arises and I highly recommend them to others.

John Kucich
Jonathan Kurta was able to recover money that was stolen by a Financial Adviser. I would never have been able to recover this money as I was with this Adviser for years, and the statute of limitations could have been an issue, however because of Mr. Kurta’s expertise and diligence he was able to get me a fair settlement; he was always available to answer questions, and emails, almost immediately. I am very pleased with this Firm and would highly recommend them.
Marco Pascale

Your Money Matters.

This is How We Fight For It:

  • We don’t entertain lowball offers.
  • We thoroughly prepare our clients for every step of FINRA arbitration.
  • We push to get a response quickly. FINRA designed the arbitration process to resolve more quickly than a civil trial and we make efficient use of our clients’ time.
  • Our attorneys push to settle during the mediation phase — no need for arbitration if we can get your settlement faster.