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Have you Lost Money Investing in Nisun International Enterprise?

May 9, 2023 Articles

Aegis Capital Corp served as the sole book runner in an underwritten public offering of $77 million in common stock for Nisun International Enterprise Development Group (NASDAQ: NISN). Nisun made this offering to raise working capital. 

  • In 2021, Nisun made the public offering of 19.25 million Class A common shares as well as pre-funded warrants to purchase Class A common shares.  
  • Prefunded warrants and Class A shares both cost $4 per share.  

What Does Nisun International Do?  

Nisun offers professional supply chain solutions to Chinese businesses. It provides clients with technology supply chain management. According to its website, Nisun is a “technology-driven, integrated supply chain solutions provider focused on transforming the corporate finance industry.”   

In April of 2023, Nisun announced it had entered into an agricultural trade management services agreement with Mengzhou Houyuan Biotechnology Limited, the largest alcohol producer in China’s Henan Province. It entered the agreement through its controlled affiliate, Fintech Supply Chain Management. Nisun stated in the press release that it plans to “pursue growth opportunities” in the alcohol products market. Nisun made similar announcements for the Chinese medicinal herbs market, the gold market, the aquatic products market, and the pork market.  

About Aegis  

Aegis Capital Corp (CRD #: 15007) and its registered representatives have disciplinary records, according to the firm’s Customer Relationship Summary. Investors should review the firm’s conflicts of interest as well as the most recent regulatory actions on their record.  

If you lost money after investing through Aegis, you can recover money in cases of broker fraud or misconduct. Instead of suing in civil court, you may be required to use FINRA arbitration – a standard requirement in the securities industry. FINRA arbitration is different from a civil proceeding in a few key areas – securities attorneys can help you navigate the proceedings and advocate for your rights as an investor.  

When to Contact a Securities Attorney 

Unexpected losses are a cause for concern. Fluctuations in securities prices are normal, but investors should always know in advance if their investment is high risk. Kurta Law securities attorneys provide free case evaluations and can advise if you have a case for FINRA arbitration.  

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