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Amanda Berry Accused of Misusing Investor Funds

Amanda Berry (CRD #: 5651609), a broker formerly registered with MML Investors, is involved in an investor dispute, according to her BrokerCheck record, accessed on February 14, 2022.

Amanda Berry was barred by FINRA, starting July 6, 2021. Amanda Berry allegedly failed to request termination of her suspension within three months of the suspension date. FINRA alleged that she failed to respond to a FINRA request for information. FINRA Rule 9552 requires brokers to respond to requests for information.

Investor Disputes

On January 5, 2022, an investor alleged that Amanda Berry and her spouse misused money withdrawn from a fixed annuity. The dispute is pending.

On December 15, 2021, investors alleged that they wrote checks to their registered representatives believing that the money would be invested. They allegedly later learned that the money was deposited into a checking account controlled by the registered representative and their spouse. The investors sought $72,478.53; the dispute settled for that exact amount.

On October 30, 2020, an investor alleged that Amanda Berry made material misrepresentations about their account for the purpose of persuading the investor to move their funds to an account owned by the stockbroker and her husband. They further alleged that she replaced the investor’s life insurance policy without proper disclosure and created fake bank statements for the purposes of deceiving the investor’s mortgage company. The investor sought $173,088.23; the dispute settled for $131,607.39.

Employment Termination

MML Investors Services fired her following allegations of undisclosed outside business activities involving the comingling of investor funds in an account controlled by Amanda Berry.

Outside Business Activities

FINRA Rule 3270 prohibits investors from having undisclosed outside business activities. Amanda Berry has the following outside businesses listed on her detailed BrokerCheck record.

  • VanO Real Estate Holdings
  • Friends of NEW Classen
  • Amanda Berry — NonMMLIA Insurance Broker
  • VanO Wholesale LLC — Retail Sales
  • Mary Kay — Makeup Sales

She has also worked with the following firms:

  • MML Investors (CRD #: 10409)
  • NYLife Securities (CRD #: 5167)

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